We have a new track and photos to pick you up this Spring! Introducing “Up and Down”…

We’re so happy to link you up with our latest track “Up and Down”! Please let us know what you think, and share far and wide as you please!

Listen to “Up and Down” on Bandcamp

“Up and Down is a feel good track that reflects on the mountains we climb in life – sometimes we know we are climbing them and other times we can look back with a sense of awe at the mountains we’ve climbed without really realising it. Its also about not being afraid to keep climbing, to show the world what you got, and to reach our greatest potential. This is the second single from SKY EATER and a taste of what is to come on their upcoming debut EP release.”

There are lots of exciting shows coming up to celebrate the release of this new track. First up this weekend we have the duo at Treehouse on Belongil Friday from 7pm, then Chelsea will be performing solo at Nightquarter on the Gold Coast. Please check the home page for all upcoming gig dates and thanks for sharing the love with us ❤

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