EP LAUNCH and East Coast Oz/Sth Island NZ Tour coming your way!

Hello world! We have some exciting news. We are almost a month from the official release of Sky Eater’s debut EP , “Up + Down”, and have planned an amazing tour to go with it!

Lifelong musician Chelsea has collaborated with a variety of artists on the international stage throughout her career, but decided to take a leap of faith and step out on her own in early 2017 to form the foundations of Sky Eater and featuring a multi-instrumental artillery, a loop-station, and musical influences which range from the likes of Bob Marley to Bjork and Portishead. 2018 has seen the project rise to new heights with the addition of UK born multi-instrumentalist TK Bassdread’s experience in dub, trip-hop and drum and bass toΒ further enrich the serene songs and soundscape that Chelsea creates.

Expect lyrical ideas founded in benevolence, empathy, realness and encouragement… nestled neatly within a musical backdrop of fat trip-hop loops, beats, horns, bass, guitar and of course plenty of dubs.

“Up + Down”Β  will be officially released January 15, 2019 through all the usual outlets. We can’t wait to share it with you!

EP Launch Tour 2019 jan feb lighter final

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